Weekend Wrap: Mark Stuart for Mayor

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Two series are tied, the Hawks are up by two, and we only have one game from SoCal to report on.

CBC Intro:


Boston Bruins vs Montreal Canadiens

After the Bruins roared back in the third period the series is tied 1-1. Game three goes Tuesday at 6:00 CST.

Pittsburgh Penguins vs New York Rangers

The Penguins have found their footing against a tired Rangers team. Although Sidney Crosby has yet to score a playoff goal this year, he has been dominate. The series is tied 1-1 after the Rangers won game one in overtime and game two ended in the Penguins shutting out the Rangers. Game three goes Monday night at 6:30 CST.

Chicago Blackhawks vs Minnesota Wild

Game 1 ended with a Patrick Kane special, denying the Wild of the win they probably deserved. Game two featured a dominate Hawks team and a game that wasn't even close. The series is 2-0 Chicago and game three goes Tuesday at 8:00 CST.

Anaheim Ducks vs Los Angeles Kings

The loan game in this series went to overtime where Marian Gaborik scored the winner after tying the game with 7 seconds left. Why did Columbus trade this guy again? L.A. leads the series 1-0. Game two goes Monday night at 9:00 CST.


Tyler Dellow discovers that the Broadstreet Bullies were not big hitters.

Ian McLaren looks at the Subban family as a whole and explains the true meaning of forgiveness. You should really read this.

Roy MacGregor on the greatest rivalry in sport; with some help from some legends.

What do you do when you see a "Canadien Dive Team" t-shirt with your son's number on it? If you are Karl Subban you buy it.

Mike Babcock saved Detroit's season according to Winging it in Motown.

The Chicago Blackhawks use advanced stats. Chevy forgot to go to work the days that they reviewed them I guess.

Chris Boyle uses heat maps to explain how Chicago beat the St. Louis Blues. (This is really neat).

Good news, Mark Stuart had a career year! Bad news is it probably isn't sustainable. From Kevin McCarty at JetsNation.

I have discovered what is wrong with the Jets and the problem is really easy to fix. I mean, Chevy doesn't have to lift a finger easy.

Finally, Tomas Hertl remains adorable

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