Could we? Should we? Would we?

Could we? Should we? Would we?

Over the past few days, we've seen the Penquins fall to the the Rangers, the Blackhawks defeat the Wild, and just last night, the Bruins were sent packing by Les Canadiens. Anaheim and LA round out their series tomorrow, and we'll be down to the final four. Us hockey fans have been treated to a lot of great games, drama, suspense and controversy (racist and threatening remarks have no place in the game. Period! Water squirting in gloves, at players...well, that 's on the fence as dumb. Jawwin Hockey Talk, like the blushing example given in the link for all you ear sensitive, child conscience folk out there, is truly acceptable!)

Another development that is trending league wide recently is "who can we throw under the bus"? I hear Atari is making a comeback and retooling Frogger to make the game look like the Cosol Energy Centre with Dan Bylsma as the little dude who runs across the road. Now, I may be making an example of Coach Bylsma, but it seems to be a league wide thing right now. No one's jobs are safe. Players, coaches, even general managers are finding themselves nervously entering the off season with the chance they could be sent packing. Which bring me to our beloved Winnipeg Jets, and three questions that draw upon three scenarios which may or may not happen. But, for the sake of improving our beloved team and their trading partners, perhaps they should be looked at. After all, no rock unturned is a hard place... or something like that. Onwards!

#1 Could we...Trade Pavs to Vancouver for F David Booth?

Pavs market value took nose dived this past year with inconsistent play. David Booth also had a rough year (19 pts in 66 games). Pavs could fill a goaltending hole in Vancity with Lou being traded out by Mr. Gillis. And Booth maybe able to put a little spring in the step of Ladd and Little in the second line. Both at contracted at roughly 4 million, so it would be contract for contract essentially. Thoughts? What deal would you make for Pavs?

#2 Should we...Trade Buff to the Islanders for F Ryan Strome and D Griffin Reinhart?

All discussions I've seen recently surround the questions of where Buff fits in. Is he a defenceman? Is he a forward? What is he? A game changer, power play quarter back with the body of a linebacker? Perhaps. But when the crowd at the MTS Centre feels something huge is going to happen, just at the sheer sight of Buff jumping over the boards, well, that's something. The Islanders need something to draw upon. Moving to Brooklyn, they'll need to put butts in the seats, and a player like Buff can do that. Now, Reinhart maybe a stretch, but we're not going to get 2 forwards in this magic wand scenario, like Brock Nelson and Strome. Strome had a good rookie year, and Reinhart is likely to make the team next year. 2 for 1 deal? If not this deal, what deal would you make for Buff?

And finally...

#3 Would we...Trade Toby Enstrom to the Flyers for D Luke Schenn and F Brayden Schenn?

Given all the talk about Toby's offense and defensive gifts, what would you do if you were Chevy, and the phone rang early one Thursday morning. Maybe the conversation would go like this..

Ring Ring!

Chevy - "Howdy! Chevy Speakin'!"

Ron Hextall - "Chevy! It's Hexy!" (I have no idea what Ron Hextall's hockey lingo nickname is, so we'll stick with that!)

Chevy - "Ronny, is that really you? Wow, how you doin', partner?"

Hexy - "Good. How's life in Rivercity?"

Chevy - "Chicago? I don't live there anymore. I'm in Winnipeg, Manitoba now. You know, down the road from Brandon, where we played junior. I'm GM of the Jets!"

Hexy - "No kiddin! Well, that's step in the...say, Chevy, I've got a few problems that you maybe able to help me out with. Got time?"

Chevy - "Sure! Sportcentre is on a loop, so I'll catch it next hour. Say, did you hear? Your old team beat the Ducks last night!"

Hexy - "The Isles were out of it along time ago, Chevy'

Chevy - "Not the Isles! The Kings! You know, the team you helped manage for a spell!"

Hexy - "Never mind about that! Listen! I've got two kids. Brothers. One's a defencemen on a decent contract. The other is a RFA coming off a heavy, he'll never reach the bonus, self esteem sucking entry level contract, and wants just over 3 mill a year. But, we can't afford him, cause we got a guy named Giroux. With me so far?"

Chevy - "Hang on. Let me get Zinger!"

Zinger (on speaker phone) "G'day! Zinger's Suds n' Duds laundry service! Zinger here!"

Chevy - "Zinger! It's Chevy! Ya busy?"

Zinger - "Just flippin' 'round the channels. Did you hear about Montreal selling out their arena just by showing a game on the scoreboard TVs? Maybe we should pitch that idea to Chipper, and broadcast the Ice Caps games here like that...I hear they're shooting the lights out in, uh, is it Saint John's or St. Johns?

Chevy - "Nevermind that right now! Hexy's on the other line!"

Zinger - "Who?"

Chevy - "Ron Hextall! You know, the guy who's now running the show in Philly!"

Zinger - "The Phantoms GM?"

Chevy - "No! Oh, nevermind!"

Zinger - "Alrighty. We're still on for golf tomorrow?"

Chevy - "Sure! Tee offs at 10 am, so I'll pick you up at 9:45! Say, did you get your clubs back from that short Swedish guy we have on defense?"

Zinger - "Toby? Yep. A bit long, but he liked them. He was going to look at getting a set. Why do you ask?"

Chevy - "'Cause I'm trading him to Philly, and I didn't want your clubs to wind up on the moving truck."

Zinger - "Okey Dokey! See you tomorrow!"

Chevy - "Hexy, still there!"

Hexy - "Yes!!"

Chevy - "Okay. We have a defenseman signed to a deal that's a bit steep, but he's a real go getter. You'd save about a mill and a half in salad if you take him. He's a good kid! Not offensive in a swear n' smelly kinda way, but in points. Whatcha say?'

Hexy - "I'll fax the paperwork over!"

Chevy - "Great! Nice talkin' with ya! Say hi to Propps and Clarkie for me!"

Hexy - "Huh, who?"

Chevy - "Nevermind! Buh Bye!"

Would you make the deal? What deal would you make for Toby?


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