The Night That Was: All Hail Chris Lee

Justin K. Aller

What should be remembered as a night of great hockey turned into the memorable performance of referee Chris Lee.


Pittsburgh Penguins 4 Columbus Blue Jackets 3

CBJ mounted a come back after being down 4-0, but it was too little too late. PIT wins the series 4-2.

Colorado Avalanche 2 Minnesota Wild 5

Patrick Roy had another early goalie pull, but MIN scored two empty net goals to win. Series is tied 3-3.

San Jose Sharks 1 Los Angeles Kings 4

This game was excellent until Chris Lee remembered he was Chris Lee. Chaos ensued. Series is tied 3-3.

Chris Lee. Lee is a universally hated referee who inexplicably gets assigned playoff games every year. Whether he is making up calls as he goes or ignoring the rule book for no reason, every team hates him for something or another. Almost no game refereed by him ends without him being the story. He is bad and the NHL should make him retire or something. His call last night was for the eventual winning goal and he allowed Justin Williams to push Alex Stalock and not the puck into the net. SJS fell apart after the call (their fault) and they lost the game 4-1.


Greg Wyshnyski suggests that hockey isn't a haven for those against racial diversity.

Langluy of Jewels from the Crown says otherwise and provides ample evidence in support of her case.

Jonathan Willis analyzes the potential of Ron Hextall becoming a general manager.

Tyler Dellow works through offensive zone face-off stats in the Oilers. You should read this.

Don Cherry said something that most people agree with, so Sean Fitz-Gerald documented it.

The WHA is being preserved in the Hockey Hall of Fame.

Cam Charron re-frames the narrative around Sidney Crosby, showing how good he is defensively.

DownGoesBrown wonders aloud if the St. Louis Blues really need to blow up their team.

DownGoesBrown also covers the perpetual outrage machine in his weekly grab bag.

Gary Dimmock has unearthed allegations of sexual abuse by a long time billet.

Our friends at Eyes on the Prize are getting ready to play the Boston Bruins.

Their radio show also covers the excellent topics of referee bias and everyones favourite goalie, Marc-Andre Fleury.

^I will bring in more Jets link

Arctic Ice Hockey Note:

It was announced recently that effective May 1st Tim, who writes on here as truck, will take over as Managing Editor. The beloved TJ Maughn will continue to hang around for a bit.

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