Pilot's Logbook 2013-14: Winnipeg Jets Defenders on the Penalty Kill

Dilip Vishwanat

The Winnipeg Jets 2013-14 season has been laid to rest. This series will take an in-depth look how the team and its players have performed, and some decisions that could push the Jets forward in the future.

In the last edition of the Pilot's Logbook we took a deeper look at the Winnipeg Jets' penalty kill, but we didn't delve into individual player performance. We start that journey today by taking a look at the Winnipeg Jets' defensive group and how each player individually factored into the penalty kill. Overall team numbers will be included as a reference point.

TS PK% GF GA FF% FF/60 FA/60 SF% GF% Sh% Sv%
Value 291 83 5 47 15.70% 12.91% 69.13% 16.70% 9.60% 6.90% 86.90%
Rank 15 9 18 22 5 5 14 7 21 21 24

* Fenwick is simply shots and missed shots. It was used over Corsi so as to not punish players for shot blocking.

Individual Defensive Player Numbers:

# Player Name TOI FF60 FA60 FF% GF GA On-Ice Sv% GA/60 SF/60 SA/60
9 POSTMA, PAUL 6:21 0 66.14 0.00% 0 1 800 9 0 36
5 ENSTROM, TOBIAS 155:06:00 11.22 68.09 14.10% 0 15 870 5.77 9.2 38.5
3 PARDY, ADAM 54:29:00 16.52 68.28 19.50% 0 5 896 5.43 10.9 46.7
6 TROUBA, JACOB 180:50:00 9.291 68.35 12.00% 3 21 857 6.91 6.3 41.5
2 BYFUGLIEN, DUSTIN 123:07:00 17.54 68.72 20.30% 2 15 851 7.25 11.1 41.6
4 BOGOSIAN, ZACH 117:36:00 16.84 69.9 19.40% 2 10 892 5.04 11.6 41.9
7 STUART, MARK 202:31:00 8.889 69.92 11.30% 2 27 844 7.93 6.8 42.9
1 CLITSOME, GRANT 46:12:00 25.97 77.92 25.00% 1 5 886 6.49 14.3 50.6
8 ELLERBY, KEATON 8:53 13.51 87.8 13.30% 0 1 889 6.75 13.5 54


  • The table is sorted by Fenwick (shots + missed shots) against.
  • All of the stats on the table are "on ice" numbers. They are subject to team effect and don't factor in the quality of linemates.
  • Speaking of linemates, Stu and Trouba were the top unit and they played primarily with Ladd and Little.
  • On-ice save percentage tells us nothing over such a small sample of games. I included it for interest sake only.
  • Tobias Enstrom continues to prove his two-way worth. He has historically been very effective on the PK and that trend continued this year. Toby's primary PK partner was Zach Bogosian. It should be no surprise that their goals against numbers line up fairly well.
  • Toby, along with Adam Pardy, Jacob Trouba and Dustin Byfuglien performed above the team's average in terms of shot prevention. Zach Bogosian, Mark Stuart and Grant Clitsome performed below the team's average.
  • Even though Stu and Bogo performed below the team's average, they were near league average shot suppressors. When your (relatively) worst PK regulars are around league average, you probably have a decent penalty kill.
  • Where you do see a notable decline with Stu is in Fenwick creation, but hey, even Chevy says "he’s not the most prolific puck mover or distributor."
  • Dustin Byfuglien performed better that Mark Stuart by both shots and goals, the team also created far more with him out there. #LOL
  • The sample size isn't huge and may not be telling, but Adam Pardy performed fairly well (with Toby) and Keaton Ellerby struggled mightily.

The numbers largely speak for themselves and the results are largely as expected. Tiny Toby continues to be awesome at all things defense. Trouba is one hell of a rookie. Buff creates offense. Stu doesn't. On the whole, the Jet's PK unit performed pretty well - we simply saw too much of them.

All numbers are from Extra Skater and Behind the Net

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