The Night That Was: Youppi! Sharks Eat Kings

Youppi! the Habs sweep the Lightning - Matt Zambonin/Freestyle Photo

Montreal swept Tampa Bay, Boston shutout Detroit, NewYork beat Philadelphia with a side of Gorilla Salad, and San Jose went up 3-zip on the LA Kings.

Videos: April 22

April 20


Tampa Bay Lightning vs Montreal Canadiens: MON 4-TBL 3. TBL got swept away in a game that had everything that one can expect in a NHL game: goals and bad refereeing. Of course a game featuring Chris Lee and Francois St-Laurent featured some questionable game management and what not, but here at Arctic Ice Hockey we don't dwell on Chris Lee and Francois St-Laurent. Credit to the Habs for calming things down after coughing up a 3-1 lead. Credit to the Lightning for not rolling over and letting the Habs run away with the game. Credit to Kristers Gundlevskis for playing so well in relief. Credit to the two teams for a clean playoff series and we'll leave it at that. Montreal wins the series 4-0.

Boston Bruins vs Detroit Red Wings: BOS 3-DET 0. BOS took the series lead with a dominating performance in Motown. The more hilarious story is Brad Marchand got kneed (bad), faked an injury by grabbing the wrong knee (also bad), and then said he made the NHL because he was a talented injury faker (very bad). Anyways, I don't think that Detroit will win if they can't score a goal. Boston leads the series 2-1.

New York Rangers vs Philadelphia Flyers: NYR 4-PHI 1. NYR went to PHI with a mission to beat them and to accomplish this mission Alain Vigneault played Daniel Carcillo. Carcillo was whistled for a penalty on a routine stick check. After NYR killed off the penalty, Carcillo scored the 4-1 goal and the rest is history as they say. New York leads the series 2-1.

San Jose Sharks vs Los Angeles Kings: SJS 4-LAK 3 (OT). This back and forth affair saw many a power play, many a save, and many a Jeremy Roenick joke. The back and forth affair saw Tomas Hertl score in the third to tie the game at 3 and Patrick Marleau to win it on the Sharks first shot in OT. Keep crying JR. San Jose leads the series 3-0.


Marc Bergevin was a little excited that Montreal won last night.

Chris Johnston talks about the road Montreal is on right now and how it will get tougher.

James Mirtle reflects on the Toronto Maple Leafs and what their season means for hockey analytics.

Greg Wyshynski on how we define Matt Cooke as a player.

Barry Petchesky chimes on on Cooke as well and concludes that he will always be who he is.

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