Mo NTC, Mo Problems

Why did TNSE feel as if they needed time to evaluate their players? Why was this not done during the due diligence process? Why was the Atlanta Thrashers staff fired on day one? I know this has been discussed many times before by other much more articulate bloggers but I think with what happened or didn't happen on Wednesday its a great time to drive home the point "What Has Chevy Really Done".

Hind sight is always 20/20 but as you sit here and read this blog, ask yourself this, "are the Winnipeg Jets really that much better then they were 3 years ago"

Take drafting out of the equation, I know this argument is the communal Team Chevy security blanket, but I hate to be the one to tell you there is no Santa kids but, EVERY TEAM DRAFTS! The Winnipeg Jets aren't the exception, they aren't the only team in the National Hockey League that drafts good young prospects.

Have you thought about it? What has he really done outside of doing something 29 other GMs also do? He traded a decent defensemen for two 2nd round picks, signed a 30+ yr old UFA, traded a 2nd for a total wash, picked up a decent player in Frolik who's agent will most likely to him to the cleaners in a few weeks for a new contract. Other then that, he hasn't traded his captain and his leading scorer for 3 under 25 roster players on ELC and 2 draft picks, he didn't ship out a top 5 overall problem child, for multiple pieces in a blockbuster player for player hockey trade, he didn't trade his top 10 draft pick for one of the best young goalies of the last 3 years. Really, what has he done?

Going back to day 1 or even after the 2012 season, he had a chance to really start fresh. He had players on cheap bridge deals and guys who were in their mid 20s still fighting for that big pay day. This would have been the ideal time to sell. Enstrom was coming up as a pending UFA and who had TONES of value, especially in PHI where the GM over pays for defense and it was rumored the Flyers loved him. Bogo, Wheeler, Ladd, Little all were on cheap deals and the cap was up around 70M.

People always will use the excuse "If you sold that early, its sending the message we wont make the playoffs" Well folks, thats what your GM has said through his mouth piece Gary Lawless and his puppets on TSN 1290 for years, short term success is not the goal, there is no point in making the playoffs when you're going to get bounced in the first round. So what would it matter if you sold off Ladd, Little and Wheeler back in the summer of 2011 or 2012, TNSE has your money for 5 years. Well for starters, you could have been in the top 3 for the 2013 draft and picked up a game changer like Nathan Mackinnon, you know that kid who is absolutely dominating right now as a 18 year old in the NHL. You could have received prospects that were in the same age range to build around the golden Jet Mark Scheifele, who could have strengthened your forward depth, so didn't need to dip into the waiver pool for James Wright and Anthony Peluso.

Fast forward to 2014, the Canadian dollar is taking a hit, the cap will most likely be lower then expected and all these guys who were on bridge friendly deals 2-3 years ago, well, they're older, have NTC/NMC and big contracts. Two years ago when GMs could have used these guys now, don't need them, cause their prospects are NHL ready. Logically you could trade to a cap floor team, but because they have NTC/NMC they'd more then likely veto the trade, because in reality they want to go to a cup contender. The problem, most of the time contenders have their "core" that never changes, they just insert their prospects when they're ready in the line up where needed (IE Chicago Blackhawks). Another hard reality Chevy is now facing with his "core" in the end what GM wants to trade for a 28 year old with a big contract, when they can have a 22 year old who puts up the same numbers they do on a ELC?Is that not kind of a issue, if you're the GM? So either in the end Chevy takes a hit in his return for these guys or he keeps them and faces yet another problem. This core will take up roster spots from your prospects. Some prospects need to play top 6 minutes, but will they be able too with the core signed long term? Its also not a good idea to have a guy making 5MM + per year playing 3rd and 4th line minutes especially when there are players out there who are bottom 6 specialists making under 2MM (IE Max Talbot). See the problem..

I'm not asking you to agree with me, I'm asking you to step away from the rose colored radio and news papers and use common sense. Its OK to question the direction of your team and the GM/Ownership group, especially when you're the one forking over $180 per ticket and $15.00 for a beer.

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