Here's to hoping..

... After a big win in Paul Maurice's debut, Kevin Cheveldayoff doesn't allow the Winnipeg Jets to get too comfortable thinking there positions with the roster are safe. A shake-up is necessary. Claude Noel was most definitely a problem but players need to also take responsibility. Trading away a so-called "core" player would go a long way in improving accountability among the group. The only problem with this, is GM's know Chevy is in a vulnerable position and are lurking around hoping he deals out of desperation. Chevy has the power to add to the farm by moving the likes of Andrew Ladd, or Blake Wheeler. Good players with term left on their contacts, can fetch young assets in return, perhaps players to remold those horrid bottom 6 AHL caliber F's the Jets have.

Getting the maximum return from trade is a tough thing to do and that is what sets certain GM's apart. We have seen limited action from Chevy thus far (unless you count the waiver wire) but most notable were the trades with a now division rival Chicago Blackhawks. Acquiring Michael Frolik for a 3rd and a 5th and shipping out Johnny Oduya for a 2nd and 3rd.

You really can't go wrong with those deals, but the one that stands out to me is trading a 2nd rounder for a struggling Devin Setoguchi. Although I appreciate the risk, the reward didn't follow. The Jets cannot afford to lose trades, especially those which involve sending draft picks the other way.

I do however, believe our farm system will continue to grow and develop nicely. Yes it may take a few years and impatience from fans like myself to see players like Lipon, Petan, Morrissy, Kitchon, Comrie to become capable NHLers. Thats to say these prospects turn out to be what's projected of them.

There have been alot of Kane rumors circulating, personally I would hang on to him. The chemistry between himself and Scheifiele is apparent so unless I was blown away Kane will remain in the white and blue for years to come.

Build around Kane, Scheifiele, Trouba, Morrissey, and Petan. And think if Burmistrov comes back (is that bridge burned?)

This is the first time doing any thing like this, I don't get much love for the Jets where I am from. Just killing time sharing opinions. Enjoy the game! Atlanta1 vs Atlanta2

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