Mr. Dithers or The Ghost?

Just like hockey players and coaches, General Managers of hockey teams have a habit of picking up nicknames to match their style. Whether or not these nicknames are well-fitting or funny is up to everyone to decide; I find that GMs have the best names since it's usually the worst ones who get branded with these titles.

Two of the more popular ones belong to two rather infamous recent GMs: Mr. Dithers and The Ghost.

In regards to Mr. Dithers, I'm not talking about Paul Martin (Former Canadian Prime Minister or the US Olympian). I'm referring to Steve Tambellini, widely regarded as one of the worst NHL GMs in recent memory. As we all know, Tambo has never been the brightest star in the sky. Between the aforementioned record, not knowing how to work a TV and (my personal favourite) giving up an asset for Jerred Smithson, his moniker is well earned.

When I talk about The Ghost, I'm referring to former Habs GM Pierre Gauthier. He fully earned this nickname, based on the fact that he spoke to the media approximately once a year. Between the lack of public appearances and the fact that he was a terrible GM, his nickname and the scorn that accompanied it was fully earned.

At this point, you're probably wondering where I'm going with this. On January 8th, while (somehow) non-Olympian Martin St-Louis was busy crushing the life out of the Jets with his massive legs (brb, going to go do some squats now), there was some discussion online about Chevy. Apparently the camera panned over him at some point during the game (I was working the game and didn't see it, unfortunately) and he did not look like a happy man; evidently he is disappointed in the performance his team has put forward thus far, just like many Jets fans. I found this hilarious because if there is anyone Chevy should be mad with, he should go look in a mirror. Between keeping Claude Noel employed, failing to fill holes in the roster caused by departing UFAs and keeping possession anchors such as Chris Thorburn and Mark Stuart in the lineup, this mess is largely of his creation.

However, I'm not here to nitpick through Chevy's record, given that Ryan and the rest of AIH have already done so in much greater detail. Part of discussion was drawing parallels between how Tambo ran his team and how Chevy is currently running the Jets:

While I can see where Robert is coming from, I've long seen Chevy as more of a Pierre Gauthier type. He is rarely seen in the media or commenting on the team, and when he does, you'd be better off drawing blood from a stone then getting any reading on the direction of the team from his esoteric remarks. This is when he bothers to address the media at all, which apparently won't happen again this year (refer to the comments).

As far as I'm concerned, Chevy is indeed the new Ghost, although I might be able to be persuaded over to the side of Teflon Chevy. What nickname do you think befits his management style the best? Discuss below!

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