Line-up for the upcoming season 2013/14


1 Ondrej Pavelec

2 Ray Emery


1 Tobias Enstrom-Dustin Byfuglien

2 Grant Clitsome-Zach Bogosian

3 Mark Stuart-Jacob Trouba


1 Andrew Ladd-Bryan Little-Blake Wheeler

2 Evander Kane-Olli Jokinen-Mike Santorelli

3 Alexander Burmistrov-Mark Scheifele-Kyle Wellwood

4 Eric Tangradi-James Wright-Chris Thorburn


Ok, so let's get real. Pavelec was only an average first goalie last year, at best. His 2011/12 season effort wasn't also so convicing as one could expect from him. He's a pretty solid goalie who can steal some games that's true but his performances are going down-hill on long-stretches when he become exhausted. That's why Jets have been looking for better back-up goalie in the last couple of years. Chris Mason project turned out to be really bad for the Jets. Montoya was doing much better and maybe he could get more starts for the Jets last season but I don't even find him as a solution. I think there's a need to push up Pavelec for better perfomances and he needs more time to regenerate to be focused on every single game and that's why he needs a back-up goalie who's not just an average back-up goalie. When I look at the goalies that are going to be UFA this summer I find one name that seems to be a great solution, or at least great oppurtunity to just let it just pass through. Yes, I'm talking about Ray Emery. (Emery should be aviable though it doesn't seem that Chicago would like to extend the contract with him since Blackhawks have signed finnish goalie Antti Raanta recently who's going to be a back-up goalie behind Crawford in the upcoming season). Emery has been through serious injury in a few years back that's why he can't be a starting goalie in the NHL anymore so that would be a great chance also for him to play for the Jets. Pavelec and Emery should divide their mathces in half, both playing around 35-45 games per season. Emery could give Pavelec more time to regnerate, focus and much needed stability and consistency the Jets have been looking for. I would recommend to sign Emery for two-year deal with cap hit somewhere around 2 million dollars.


Enstrom-Byfuglien duo became the core of the Jets defence since the first time the two got to play together. Grant Clitsome turned out to be a very solid defenseman who can also contribute offensively and Bogosian is developing slowly but surely in to a high-quality two-way defenseman. The third pairing consists of captain assistant Mark Stuart and another team america defenseman, Jacob Trouba who seems to be ready and could take the next step to the NHL without much problem. There are also another defensemen Paul Postma and Zach Redmond who could be ready to jump up whenever needed but the problem is that both of them are shooting right so I would recommend to sign one or two left defensemen, for example Ty Wishart or Chris Summers from free agency in the summer.(both of them are unlikely to extend their contracts and should be aviable for the Jets. It would be great to claim one defenseman from waivers at the beginning of the season, aswell to add more depth on the defence)


The first line with Ladd,Little and Wheeler showed a great chemistry in the last season and they should remain as the elite line. Second line with Kane, Jokinen and Santorelli is a great mix of Kane's sniper insticts, Jokinen's experience and all-around ability and Santorelli's great vision and playmaking. I believe that Jets have too many centers in their line-up and it would be good to try Burmistrov on the left wing while having Scheifele on the centre who can play simillar to Jokinen's style and Wellwood who proved to be a versatile member of Jets offence that can suprise the opponent with smart plays. The fourth with Tangradi, Wright and Thorburn is a rough stuff, all of them are hard-hitting players that doesn't get penalized that often when you consider of how hard they play and how effective they are at playing the body and hitting the opponent's best players. The weakness about Jets offence is the missing depth in the organization. The only players that are ready to jump up anytime needed are Anthony Peluso, Carl Klingberg, Maxime Macenauer, Patrice Cormier or Eric O'Dell. That's the reason why Jets could pick up two or three defensive forwards from free agency and maybe claim one from the waivers at the beginning of the season. I would recommend to sign Chris VandeVelde, Christian Hanson, J.T. Wyman or Nigel Dawes and Dustin Boyd(both born in Winnipeg) from the KHL.


Jim Slater


Ray Emery, Ty Wishart, Chris Summers,(Chris VandeVelde, Christian Hanson or J.T. Wyman), Nigel Dawes, Dustin Boyd


Al Montoya, Ron Hainsey, Derek Meech, Nik Antropov, Antti Miettinen

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