I was wrong.... and I was right

Are we halfway thru this condensed season yet? No matter. Time to re-evaluate my pre-season expectations and see that I was definitely wrong... But I was also definitely right.

Wrong: Evander Kane's Vodka hangover didn't last the entire season. After about 5 games he's started to look like the Kane we saw last season. His first period vs Washington was a great example of him using speed, a quick wrist shot, and some tenacious work to get to the puck first. Hope he keeps a good attitude and stays with the Jets despite the media's attempts to run him out of town.

Right: after a week, Jokinen looked OK. Then everyone else's conditioning started kicking in and Olli is looking like an even slower version of Nik Antropov (if that was possible). Joker is saying the right things, and it looks like he's trying out there - even attempting a few body checks on the 3rd line. But.... wait a minute... did I say he was on the 3rd line?? There you go. Bad signing and I said so from day 1. Olli's best years were in Floria about ten years ago.

Wrong: Ondrej the Giant looked like a decent goalie to me last season, troubled by a defense prone to giving away "free pizzas". He stopped a lot of those point blank chances. When he signed his contract I thought, that's not too bad for an above average goalie, with a future in this league. Well, his lack of a glove hand seems to be highlighted and circled in red on every team's advance scouting report. Guess he may not be above average after all. Hope he finds a soft landing spot in the KHL.

Right: Andrew Ladd is an awesome captain. I saw him play a physical, tough serious against the Canucks when he was a member of the Blackhawks and thought to myself, here's a heart and soul guy who'd be great as a leader on a young team.

Wrong: I thought the Jets best all-around defenseman was injury prone because he's the size of a Hobbit in a league full of Uruk-hai. Turns out I was wrong. The league is full of Giant Trolls. Poor Toby's going to have his clavicle crushed to dust before next season is up.

Right: The Jets will win the Southeast Division this year because every starting goalie in the division will suffer some season ending injury. I'm pretty sure I posted that right here in January. Didn't I? Yeah I'm pretty sure I did...


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