re-Introducing the Winnipeg Jets version 2.1

When's the last time you watched a Jets game? That long eh? Well perhaps similar to a situation where you're reintroducing yourself to a long lost friend, perhaps this is a great time to be reintroduced to the Jets version 2.0; an opportunity to relive the highs, and gloss over the lows, reinventing ourselves in the process in an attempt to make up for past transgressions. So here is a brief re-introduction to a few of your favourite Winnipeg Jets.

#39 Tobias Enstrom. Better known as "Toby", he spent most of his extended offseason broadening his post-hockey career aspirations by starring in the feature film "The Hobbit"

#33 Dustin Byfuglien. One of the best power forwards in the game, he is almost impossible to knock off the puck when he has his feet moving. His powerful shot and his gigantic frame make him a terror in the opposition zone.... and... Huh? What do you mean he plays defense?

#31 Ondrej Pavelc. Was really sorry about not mentioning that whole DUI thing when negotiating his contract with GM Cheveldayoff. He also failed to mention the whole "not having a glove hand" thing either.

#23 Alexei Ponikarovsky. People thinking he's going to add experience & depth to the Jets don't seem to know that he hasn't scored more than 10 goals in a season since leaving Toronto. But that's OK. People will find out soon enough... that streak isn't going to end here.

#12 Olli Jokinen. Olli had a bit of a resurgence last year playing with the Flames. He scored 23 goals but oddly enough only 7 of those came at home in Calgary. Luckily he's a Jet now and won't be playing in the Saddledome at all this season so he's bound to break 30 this year. Right?

#55 Mark Scheifele. The Chosen One. You my not see him in a Jets uniform this season but similar to Jesus Christ, you'll hear many in the crowd murmuring about how he's coming soon.

#9 Evander Kane. The rising star of the Jets who gets all the accolades from the media. It's incredible how everytime you see Kane around town - if you wait long enough, you'll see Gary Lawless slowly following behind, trying to act casual while taking notes on an old yellow paper pad. What a dedicated fan.

#16 Andrew Ladd. Captain Blood & Guts. His wife He changed his mind about going to Russia during the lockout after finding out from Evander that they only hand out 9 game contracts over there.

#5 Mark Stuart. During the long lockout the bruises on his shins had finally healed. He missed the pain and anguish of blocking shots so much that he signed on with the ECHL just to keep his body attuned to some regular blunt force trauma.

Coach Claude Noel. Santa Claude goes on and on about his team giving away free pizzas like that was a bad thing.

#80 Nik Antropov. You may not see much of big Nik this season. Management has not yet told him that the lockout is over.

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