Relocated Teams & Visual Reminders of Their Previous Homes

I was moved to write this fanpost (my very first!) by a comment in Patti Dawn Swansson's article on the new Jets' logo.  In the comments thread, ThrashersRecaps wrote:

The Jets missed an important opportunity to incorporate something of the Thrashers legacy into their logos (even a hint of something in the alternate logo would be nice).

The comment set me to wondering just how common it is for a relocated team to acknowledge the place whence it came.  And so I've gone back through all the franchise relocations since expansion and looked at whether the "new" team kept the name, colours, or logo of the "old."  Results, with links to pretty pictures, are below the jump!

The team name links go to pictures of the uniforms in question. The uniforms pictured are those worn either immediately before or immediately after the relocation of the franchise.

Franchise Relocations in Chronological Order:

Oakland (Seals) to Cleveland (Barons): Different name, different colours, different logo, although the Barons' logo was vaguely reminiscent of an earlier Seals' logo from when the team was the California Golden Seals.  0 out of 3 elements of the previous team's uniform kept.

Kansas City (Scouts) to Colorado (Rockies): Different name, same colours, different logo. 1/3.

Cleveland (Barons) merge with Minnesota (North Stars): The North Stars kept their own name, colours, and logo. 0/3.

Atlanta (Flames) to Calgary (Flames): Same name, same colours, same style of logo (and Calgary did eventually incorporate the Atlanta Flames' logo as their alternate captains' badge). 3/3.

Colorado (Rockies) to New Jersey (Devils): Different name, different colours, different logo. 0/3.

Minnesota (North Stars) to Dallas (Stars): Very similar name, same colours, same logo. 3/3.

Quebec (Nordiques) to Colorado (Avalanche): Different name, only marginally similar colours (i.e. they both have some form of blue), different logo. 0/3.

Winnipeg (Jets) to Phoenix (Coyotes): Different name, different colours, different logo. 0/3.

Hartford (Whalers) to Carolina (Hurricanes):  Different name, different colours, different logo. 0/3.

Atlanta (Thrashers) to Winnipeg (Jets): Different name, colours TBD, Different logo. 0/3 so far.

So I guess the answer to the question "how often do relocated teams make an effort to acknowledge their previous location" is "not very."  Out of the 10 relocations/mergers, only 3 teams have brought some element of their previous insignia with them, and in the case of the Colorado Rockies, the only element they brought was the sweater colours.  Furthermore, even though the North Stars kept essentially the same uniform when they moved to Dallas, that uniform did not use their traditional colours or logo; those had been done away with a couple of years before the move.  Only the Calgary Flames can be said to have tipped their hat, at least in the areas of name and uniform design, to their previous incarnation.

As an aside, teams also seem a bit tepid about acknowledging previous "modern era" NHL entities in their own cities.  Winnipeg, of course, has restored the Jets name (and we're waiting to see on the colours), and the Minnesota Wild incorporated the North Stars' traditional green.  However, neither the Colorado Avalanche nor the Atlanta Thrashers made any real attempt to visually refer back to the Rockies or the Flames respectively.

As far as my own opinion is concerned, I think it can be summed up as "it's a good thing when relocated teams acknowledge their previous location, but no biggie if they don't." 

If this FanPost is written by someone other than one of the blog's editors, the opinions expressed in it do not necessarily reflect those of this blog or SB Nation.

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