Jets' Top 10 Games I'm Looking Forward To w/ Poll

When True North Sports & Entertainment announced the purchase of the Atlanta Thrashers franchise I was one of the crazy hooligans celebrating at Portage and Main as well as The Forks. When True North announced a 13,000 seat season ticket drive I was confident we would sell out the building within weeks, maybe days. I was shocked when the great people of Winnipeg sold out the MTS Centre in merely minutes. It makes me proud to be a Pegger' and knowing I was one of the fortunate 13,000 people who got a seat for the new Winnipeg Jets makes me feel extra lucky considering the demand for tickets.

Looking at the Jets' schedule for the upcoming season makes me quite excited. I personally feel the better teams are in the Eastern Conference so spending a year in the East is a great thing in my opinion. From the superstars, excellent goalies and homecomings there are a ton of games I'm looking forward to this season. Here are the top 10 games I'm looking forward to this season:

10.    MON FEB 27    EDMONTON    
Éric Bélanger made some rather stupid comments about playing in Winnipeg as a member of the Coyotes. He then signed with Edmonton this off-season further proving his stupidity since Edmonton is basically Winnipeg with a huge mall. This is our chance to boo him out of the MTS Centre (if he's in the lineup...BUM). This is also our only game against our old Jets rival. We also get to see the blossoming tandem of Taylor Hall and Jordan Eberle for the first time.

9.    TUE DEC 6    BOSTON    
Our first of two games against the defending Cup champions. Winnipeg is full of Montreal fans so the boos should be out in full force for both games.

8.    SAT DEC 31    TORONTO    
A classic new years rivalry continues against the Leafs, this is our best shot at being on Hockey Night in Canada other then opening night. A homecoming for Leaf forward Colton Orr if he can overcome his concussion problems. Plus everyone who isn't a Leafs fan loves to see them lose.

A chance to see one of, if not the best goaltender in NHL history in Martin Brodeur plus a homecoming for Pegger' Travis Zajac.

6.    THU DEC 1    PHOENIX   
This is our huge opportunity to show the Coyotes what they truly are missing out on.

5.    THU NOV 17    WASHINGTON   
High on the list for obvious reasons. Alexander Ovechkins' first game in Winnipeg as well as a chance to see a real offensive team who can score goals.

This might be a little too high but I cannot wait to heckle and boo Ilya Bryzgalov. Another clown who made stupid comments except this time it came from someone who has never even been here. I also hope to see Paul Holmgren as well so I can pretend to shake his hand then pull it back at the last second for betraying his fans by trading his top 2 players.

3.    MON OCT 17    PITTSBURGH   
First appearance for the leagues best player Sid the Kid and his friends. The hype around Crosby is enough for top 5 consideration but a chance to see a very special player pushes it to #3

2.    SAT DEC 17    ANAHEIM   
Quite possibly the only game that could match the home opener emotional wise. The return of The Finnish Flash Teemu Selanne (no way he leaves Anaheim unless it's WPG) is enough for an entire seasons worth of tickets in my opinion.

1.    SUN OCT 9    MONTREAL   
The obvious #1. First Winnipeg Jets game since 1996. The buzz around the entire city is going to be something this city hasn't seen in a long time and the atmosphere around downtown the day of the game is something people will be telling their grand kids about.

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