Power Rankings: Moving On Up in Week 9

Flat out ballsy by Stuart. He goes into block a shot legs first in a sitting position, because he was without a stick and decided to lay it on the line. this is after getting boarded. Love this guy.

So I went and borrowed/stole/copied an idea from the lovely people over at Japers' Rink, the blog of our bitter rival the Washington Capitals. Full credit for format goes to EmilyB.

So this is what mainstream media had to say about the Jets this past week. These results do not take into account Tuesday night's win over Boston, except for CBC. Which is why it's the odd one out of the bunch.

I'll be looking to drop this feature a little earlier in the week starting next week, but until then: enjoy!

Outlet This Week Last Week What They're Saying
13 24 The Jets began an important stretch in that they play 13 of 15 games at the MTS Centre with three wins in four games. They even beat the red-hot Bruins.
22 25 While it was getting easy enough in recent years to get down on D Zach Bogosian, who was minus-45 over the past two seasons, the 21-year-old has been rejuvenated under a new coaching staff. He's still logging big minutes (a career-high 24:24 per game), is a plus-2 and is starting to contribute offensively with five points in the last six games.
23 24 Solid wins over Phoenix and New Jersey, but now comes the big one: Tuesday night at home against the white-hot Cup champs from Beantown.
23 24 With seven goals and three assists in his last eight games, Evander Kane has taken a nice step forward. His gradual emergence is important to the direction of this franchise.
23 24 In his past nine games, Evander Kane has nine goals and 12 points
22 25 Evander Kane has a team-high 14 goals, including six in his past five games. As of Monday morning, no other Jet has more than eight goals all season.
22 24 Suddenly, they're back to .500 and near a playoff spot. No, they probably won't get one, but the already hyper-caffeinated Jets fan base is doing handstands. Goalie Ondrej Pavelec has been good of late, and so has left winger Evander Kane (six goals in his last five games). Kane, taken fourth overall in the 2009 draft, had a decent first couple of seasons in Atlanta, but was not quite what people had hoped. Now he's becoming, as Tom Wolfe would say, a man in full.

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