I'm 13 and What is This: Jets Beat Flyers, 9-8, In a Hockey Game I Think


After the Flyers scored their first goal, I jumped off to buy dog food.  When I got back, it was 5 to 2.  Then, having perhaps realized they were a 2-5-1 team, the Jets crapped the bed hard.  Next thing I knew it was tied.  Then, we were down, then we were tied, then we were ahead, then we tied, then we went ahead.  Not joking.  At some point in time, Ondrej Pavelec was yanked, at which pointed Chris Mason yanked something, and Ondrej Pavelec got back in just in time to give up another one.  The defence was ugly, about three of the Flyers' goals were ugly, and Andrew Ladd's horrorface is also still ugly.  Let's have a look at this mayhem.

1st Period: 4:10 Philadelphia ES Goal, Scott Hartnell (Jaromir Jagr, Kimmo Timonen); 10:01 Winnipeg ES Goal, Randy Jones (Blake Wheeler, Tanner Glass); 13:39 Winnipeg ES Goal, Jim Slater (Chris Thorburn, Tanner Glass): 18:37 Winnipeg ES Goal, Kyle Wellwood (Tobias Enstrom, Bryan Little)

2nd Period: 3:39 Winnipeg ES Goal, Tanner Glass (Tobias Enstrom, Byfuglien); 4:39 Winnipeg PP Goal, Nik Antropov (Tim Stapleton); 6:25 Philadelphia PP Goal, Claude Giroux (Kimmo Timonen, Daniel Briere); 10:39 Winnipeg PP Goal, Evander Kane (Nik Antropov, Alexander Burmistrov); 14:11 Philadelphia ES Goal, Daniel Briere (Scott Hartnell, Kimmo Timonen; 16:41 Philadelphia ES Goal, Max Talbot (unassisted)

3rd Period: 1:09 Philadelphia ES Goal, Daniel Briere (Braydon Coburn, James van Riemsdyk); 2:23 Philadelphia ES Goal, Matt Read (Andreas Lilja, Jakub Voracek); 3:02 Philadelphia ES Goal, James van Riemsdyk (Daniel Briere, Matt Carle); 3:30 Winnipeg ES Goal, Alexander Burmistrov (Nik Antropov, Evander Kane): 4:31 Winnipeg ES Goal, Mark Stuart (Tim Stapleton, Blake Wheeler); 16:21 Philadelphia ES Goal, James van Riemsdyk (Kimmo Timonen, Andrej Meszaros); 18:54 Winnipeg ES Goal, Andrew Ladd (Blake Wheeler, Bryan Little)

Shots: Winnipeg 25, Philadelphia 48


  • Yeah, you read those shot totals right.  One game after losing a game we shouldn't have lost, we snagged one that we were on the verge of pissing away.
  • Man, were both defenses terrible.  There were a lot of tap-ins in addition to some whacky ones.  Gotta feel bad for that Philly goaltending, which is sure to come under fire by the reactive portion of Flyers fandom.  
  • The GST line was rocking it.  Tanner Glass with a 3-point night?  They even had to disallow a Chris Thorburn goal, it was getting so freaky.
  • The site went down at the approximate time of the Flyers comeback, at which point I unabashedly blamed Travis Hughes, manager of Broad Street Hockey and SBN NHL editor, of sabotage.  He tried to play all dumb and say "oh, all the sites are down Ben" at which point I called bullshit and then he got a whole bunch of other managers to say their sites were down but I don't fool that easily Travis
  • Some of the Flyers goals were fluky, but man did Pavelec look bad.  Lots of fat rebounds.
  • Just a ton of stupid plays by our defence.  Seriously.  Not covering, coughing up the puck, pinching when they should be dropping back...I was seriously reminded of my bar league hockey team, all the way down to the fat guys.
  • But it was exciting, and I was watching when it all happened, so despite canadian texan's claims, we won because I was watching.  I might forego the buying of dog food, because that just turns the game into clown shoes.
  • On a player note: Alexander Burmistrov is still awesome.

Take me away from this monstrosity, Harry:

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