Four Tips for a Better Slapshot in Hockey

Slapshot Tips


This article is a great summary of how to take a slap shot. If you want more articles like this then check out our Hockey Tips website. If you want some more tips on shooting you can read our how to take a slapshot article

Slapshots are important for any hockey player to learn. A good slapshot is very important for any player, especially a defensemen.

The following points are important to remember when taking a slapshot: 

  1. Weight transfer- Just like other shots in hockey using weight transfer when you shoot gives you a lot more power. To transfer your weight all you have to do is lean into the shot, and move your weight forwards.
  2. Stay low and load the stick- When you take a slap shot you should be hitting the ice first (not the puck) by hitting the ice 3-5 inches behind the puck (sometimes even more depending on your age level and stick flex) you cause the stick to flex. You should line the puck up about two inches behind your front foot. When you are taking the slap shot you want to hit the ice between your legs, lean into it, and don't forget weight transfer. This will load your stick with a lot of flex. Another good tip for defensemen is to shoot low, to mid range. The last thing you want to do is take off the head of your own players. If there is no one in front of the net, by all means let a high shot rip. This brings me to my next point.
  3. Power is important, but Accuracy is key- It is better to be accurate with your slap shot, then to hammer rockets all around the net but never hit it! You will never score if you can not hit the net, so practice your aim first and then work on your power. A good rule is to keep the shot around knee height. You can score goals, and your forwards have a good chance of tip ins
  4. Follow through- Your follow through is important in a slapshot. If you want the puck to go high, you should follow through high, if you are shooting low, than keep your follow through low.

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