Players of the Decade: Playoffs

Today's trivia question: two players won three Stanley Cups between 2000 and 2009. Who were they? Answer at the bottom of the column...

For all of the focus on the playoffs, individual statistics in the playoffs don't tend to get remembered. For example, it's a very small group of players who played in the playoffs every year over the last decade:

Player Playoffs GP
Rafalski 9 142
Niedermayer 9 134
Lidstrom 9 121
Holmstrom 9 119
Pandolfo 9 115
Elias 9 114
Madden 9 112
Maltby 9 109
Draper 9 108
White 9 106
Pronger 9 105
Tanguay 9 98
Langenbrunner 9 88
Shanahan 9 83

Among players who didn't make the playoffs every year, Scott Gomez and Stephane Yelle each played 114 playoff games; Chris Drury played 111. What about total ice time? Niedermayer, Lidstrom, Rafalski and Pronger have logged vastly more minutes than the #5 guy:

Player TOI Player TOI
Niedermayer 3563 Sakic 2111
Lidstrom 3496 Elias 2084
Rafalski 3333 Drury 2057
Pronger 3098 Madden 1980
Foote 2285 Gomez 1877
Stuart 2096 Recchi 1872
Blake 2092 Modano 1869
Redden 2029 Hejduk 1858
Hatcher 1979 Zetterberg 1826
White 1969 Pandolfo 1817

What about leading goal scorers?

Sakic 43
Drury 41
Zetterberg 39
Elias 38
Marleau 35
Forsberg 33
Hossa 31
Alfredsson 30
Recchi 29
Sykora 29
Franzen 29

Shooting percentage leaders?

St. Louis 20.0
Forsberg 18.0
Marleau 17.1
Nieuwendyck 16.9
Roberts 16.8
Iginla 15.4
Young 15.4
Lang 15.3
Tanguay 15.2
Crosby 15.2

And in the points department?

Elias 102
Sakic 94
Forsberg 92
Lidstrom 88
Rafalski 86
Gomez 81
Drury 80
Pronger 79
Zetterberg 76
Hossa 74

There are a lot of familiar names in the +/- department:

Pronger 42
Rafalski 39
Forsberg 38
Stevens 31
Franzen 29
Zetterberg 24
Elias 23
O'Donnell 23
Drury 22
Sykora 21

Perhaps game-winning goals are more memorable?

Drury 13 Lidstrom 7
Forsberg 13 Hull 7
Marleau 10 Richards 7
Franzen 10 Langenbrunner 7
Sakic 9 Selanne 7
Alfredsson 8 Briere 7
Sykora 8 St. Louis 7
Modano 8 Barnes 7

Maybe...Maybe not. It's been a long decade and my memory of the playoffs beyond the last two Detroit-Pittsburgh finals is rather hazy...

Trivia answer: Scott Niedermayer and Brian Rafalski...

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